Meramont Spółka Akcyjna


Meramont Spółka Akcyjna – Company equipped with modern production machines, with long term tradition of  control panels and metal housing production for shipbulding and other metal industry, was established in Wrzesnia in 1965. From the beginning mentioned above products was main field of activity.

Since 1991 our bussiness has been continued in Zakłady Kompleksowej Automatyzacji  „MERAMONT –WRZEŚNIA” S.A.

In our wide range of  activity, we provide designing, manufacturing and assembling our own products and  this wich was produced  on the basis of our client documentation.   For almost 50 years of operation we have gained extensive experience in a variety of ideas and requests of our clients. This allowed us to develop effective ways of working. In its activities, use modern production techniques. That is why we are competitive in terms of price, capacity and time. Our current technical base allows us to provide a wide range of quality services.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!